20 of the Best (& Funny) Customer Service Training Videos Online

20 of the Best (and Funny) Customer Service Training Videos Online

The vast majority of us couldn’t imagine anything better than to put a fortune in advanced education to promote our professions. Nonetheless, returning to class or taking courses can require a ton of time and cash.

Enter preparing recordings.

They are frugal. They should be possible effectively during spare time and delayed when fundamental. They don’t expect you to drive to an irregular area. Also, the best part is that they enable you to in any case get the preparation you want while devoting your opportunity to your present profession.

Beneath, we have assembled a rundown of the best free preparing recordings to assist you with turning into the best client assistance proficient you can be.

20 Free Customer Service Training Videos

  1. The 7 Essentials To Excellent Customer Service

In 12 speedy minutes, David Brownlee features his seven mystery tips to creating excellent client care.

He gives instances of potential deals and client support questions and tells you the best way to handle every one. His objective is for client care operators to consistently be attempting to surpass client desires.

  1. I Was Seduced By Exceptional Customer Service

This TEDx talk highlights John Boccuzzi who accepts client support is the best showcasing instrument a brand can sustain.

He puts stock in giving clients what they need, not what they think they need, which can frequently tackle issues they didn’t realize they had. As he would like to think, incredible client assistance is the key to enduring client reliability.

  1. The Six Steps in a Successful Tech Support Session

This is an incredible instrument explicitly for specialized help reps, yet it can profit administration or bolster reps in any industry.

Wear Crawley goes over key focuses to taking care of a help session, for example, credibility, demonstrable skill, maintaining a strategic distance from quietness, and getting a callback number. He even gives a case of a training call that you may understanding, and how you would react to it utilizing his six stages.

  1. Client support versus Client Experience

This one of a kind preparing video welcomes you to take part in an educational exercise. The video has you list five brands or organizations to which you are faithful, note how regularly you go there, and compose why you prop up back.

From this activity, you can distinguish the six principle reasons shoppers come back to organizations. Seeing these reasons from the perspective of a client is a helpful stunt for client support experts.

  1. 10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation

Celeste Headlee utilizes her experience filling in as a radio demonstrate host to depict the fixings to a superior discussion.

A portion of her principles incorporate asking open-finished inquiries, admitting to not knowing something, and tuning in without interruption. She catches consideration with her simple to-recall, noteworthy guidelines that can profoundly improve discussions you have with your clients.

  1. 7 Essential Customer Support Skills Every Rep Needs

This video from HubSpot Academy is a concise diagram of the key abilities that make an incredible client service proficient. This preparation video could be useful for onboarding new colleagues or helping new directors develop extraordinary representatives.

  1. Five Critical Customer Service Mistakes

Wear Crawley spreads out the five basic slip-ups that client support reps make while speaking with clients. A portion of the slip-ups incorporate appearing to be uninterested, not tuning in, and concentrating on ourselves instead of seeing the client’s point of view.

Crawley doesn’t simply perceive these errors. He additionally gives you approaches to evade these circumstances and improve discussions with clients.

  1. Hostmanship: The Art of Making People Feel Welcome

In this TEDx talk, Jan Gunnarsson transfers his point of view on client support and initiative, in light of his long stretches of involvement with the friendliness business.

He acquires an intriguing point that client assistance isn’t tied in with showcasing techniques, however about the frame of mind client support reps bring to the table.

Client care, in his eyes, involves having information that you at that point share with clients. It tends to be an extremely inviting relationship since they decide to gain from you, and you accordingly assume the errand of improving their lives.

  1. Step by step instructions to Create Brand Advocates and Fans

In this HubSpot Academy video, Amanda Slavin shares her tips that are pertinent for advertisers and client care aces the same about how to develop brand steadfastness and proclivity among your clients. These significant level bits of knowledge will enable any expert to improve their image and client recognition.

  1. Client support Training: Engage, Guide, and Grow Your Customers

Watch this preparation from Michael Redbord, the GM of HubSpot Service Hub, to figure out how client service, administration, and achievement groups can work with their clients to take care of their issues, proactively exhort them, and assist them with accomplishing results that will pay off for your business, as well.

  1. Managing the Irate Customer

I truly like this video since it gives you a veritable perspective on three bombshell clients just as the means your group can take to conciliate them. The circumstances imagined in this video are normal and liable to happen at any business paying little mind to its industry. Following the accepted procedures spread around here should enable your group to determine tense client collaborations and forestall potential beat.

  1. Brene Brown on Empathy

This video analyzes the contrast among compassion and sympathy, which is a significant qualification to make in the client support domain. Compassion is basically giving sympathies to somebody who’s disturbed, yet sympathy is going above and beyond by discovering something individual about yourself that can identify with the other individual’s battles.

One detail that client care reps can detract from this video is keeping away from “at any rate” proclamations. The speaker takes note of that once in a while do compassionate explanations start with the expression “in any event.” This expression debases the individual’s issues since we’re attempting to place a silver covering around their issues. It’s progressively successful to recognize the issue and its effect as opposed to putting a positive turn on it.

  1. Step by step instructions to Provide Extraordinary Customer Service: The Fred Factor

In this video, Mark Sanborn shares the narrative of finding a good pace postal carrier, and how Fred continued to wow him by going far in excess of what was required to give an extraordinary client experience. You’ll be motivated and moved by the discussion they shared, which encourages another exercise on the effect of doing as much as you can to help the clients you associate with.

  1. Stunning Customer Service Taxi Cab Story

In this video, Mark Sanborn discusses his transition to Denver, where he met his new postal carrier Fred.

Fred may have appeared to be a conventional postal worker, however he went well beyond for Mark. He even ventured to such an extreme as helping fix a misstep made by a transportation organization that was not the slightest bit attached to him.

Fred put forth unfathomable attempts to accept his activity as a chance to really bolster his clients. These endeavors roused Sanborn recorded as a hard copy his book The Fred Factor about how uncommon client support can regularly not cost a penny.

  1. Seinfeld Customer Service Example

This great Seinfeld scene represents an intriguing client support contextual investigation. The soup shop has the best item in the city, yet the most noticeably awful client assistance. The retailer’s accepts his soup and “requesting process” are sufficient to keep clients upbeat yet discovers that without good help, his clients will in the end look somewhere else. Or on the other hand, for this situation, get retribution in the wake of being hollered at.

This video instructs us that client support is a long haul game. It gets individuals eager to come back to your organization and shop at your business over and over. Regardless of whether you have the best item around, you’ll in the end fail out if your clients don’t feel esteemed.

  1. Change Customer Service Like THIS Woman

In this video, Ross Shafer shares an account of how a Marriott representative giving him a free Coke dramatically affected his reliability and support as a client. The story demonstrates how the littlest of signals can hugy affect the client, and how going an additional progression can deliver off in profits for reps on the bleeding edges of client support.

  1. Greg Has to Wait – Meet the Parents

This clasp from Meet the Parents has a diverting case of what not to do in client care.

The airline steward in this clasp is so pointlessly resolved about adhering to techniques that she totally affronts and maddens the client.

The exercise gained from this video is that client care doesn’t need to be so scripted and barbaric. Truth be told, client assistance is a chance to assemble an individual association with a client, which at that point drives them to believe both you and the larger brand.

  1. Step by step instructions to Sound Smart in Your TEDx Talk

This TED talk is tied in with nothing. Truly, the speaker flaunts how his discourse actually says nothing for five minutes. In any case, the incongruity is, the less things he says the more focuses his discourse is really making.

In this video, Will Stephen shows us the significant job that non-verbal communication and readiness play in correspondence. On the off chance that you look and sound shrewd, individuals will think you are regardless of whether you aren’t making any genuine focuses. It’s the presence of insight that has the effect.

This is especially significant for client care reps as they’re regularly confronted with circumstances where they might not have a prompt answer. Be that as it may, on the off chance that they keep quiet and appear to over the circumstance, clients will be increasingly patient and trust that the rep will unravel their issue.

  1. Love Actually – The Necklace Scene

Here’s an incredible case of understanding client needs. While the store representative believes he’s giving well beyond client care, he’s really doing a damage to his client who needs to make the buy rapidly.

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